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Why we started?

Phone; check, wallet; check, keys; check. Then heightened hygiene alerts happened - mask; check, sanitizer; check. Do you sometimes sacrifice the last item? - I do too. Especially on days of preferring to go hands-free, i.e. stuffing everything into my pockets, or minimal, i.e. stuffing everything into the stylishly cute but tiny bag. The quest for a convenient-sized hand sanitizer began.

Covid-19 saw the exponential introduction of hygiene products in the market. Yet, not all are created equal. No goo, no eeky after-use sensation or smell, a packaging that is presentable, compact and gender inclusive, and a simple and highly effective formulation for its primarily purpose to kill germs - birthed the first concepts of Pocket Me Hand Sanitizers.

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What we do?

We focus on 3 priorities:


#1: Effective formulation at our core

High grade alcohol content is effective in destroying the microorganisms by rapidly break apart the organism’s protective coating. In other words, to kill germs. But rubbing high concentrations of alcohol on your skin is unpleasant as it can quickly dry out your skin. That’s why our products contain a balanced and effective formula of 75% ethyl alcohol with glycerin to minimize incidence of dry skin while protecting you.


#2: Appealing sensory feel made for enjoyment

The sensory experience of our products matters. A quintessential lifestyle item should serve to enhance your overall well-being at every moment. The comfortable after-use feel and natural soothing scent function to elevate your mood, connecting your body to the mind and soul. A mood lifter with each spray.

Blue Waters

#3: Compact packaging designed to excite

This is where play meets function. A completeness achieved when vibrant colours are purposefully matched with the scents to reflect different moods. All encapsulated in a slim palm-sized bottle, that is friendly for pockets and tiny bags. Never needing to compromise on proper hygiene from home to your adventures out and about. We’re with you all the way!


Who we are?

We are committed to produce high-quality products. We partner with only the experts to develop our products. Formulation is kept simple to put in only what matters.


We are devoted to building relationship and value feedback from customers. Our 4 customized scents are chosen based on preferences of a focus group - the true founding people of Pocket Me. We like to engage with our community to serve what enhances our everyday.


We are a modern day lifestyle company. A thoughtful product is a given, as it can be a mood changer. We keep beauty, comfort and functionality in mind so you can enjoy living in the moment.

Friends Enjoying Outdoors

We are happy to have you be part of our community!

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